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Session Name: Beyond Monkeys: Artificial Intelligence and Copyright
MeetingType: Special Event
Date: 01/16/18
Description: You’ve probably listened to songs written by artificial intelligence (AI), and machine creations are beginning to infiltrate filmmaking, story-writing, and other creative areas. The UK, Europe, and Japan are considering regulations and legislation to govern the use and creation of robots and AI; meanwhile, the Copyright Office will not register works produced by a machine. With computers getting better at producing originals works of authorship and cognitive systems (such as IBM’s Watson) becoming creative sources that arguably human ability, how will US copyright law grapple with these creative works? And who will be credited as their authors? An all-human panel will discuss these topics.
Course Materials
Speaker(s): Drew Silverstein, Edward Klaris
Moderator(s): Hillel Parness
Keywords: Authorship, Content Creation, Computer-Generated Content, Public Domain