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Session Name: Research Presentation: The Truth about Black Box Music Royalties
MeetingType: Special Event
Date: 01/16/18
Description: Certain royalty payments for music are everywhere and nowhere. There’s millions or billions waiting to be claimed in so-called black box royalties. In the music industry’s digital era, there’s been greater interest in the payment accountability from all industry stakeholders and service providers. But black box royalties remain a polarizing subject. How many are there? Who manages them? Are they necessary in the digital streaming and payments era? Join Daniel Dewar from Paperchain as he discusses the results of a new survey on how black box royalties are defined by those working in the industry, and what the industry thinks it means for the future of royalty collection and rights management.
Program Details
Speaker(s): Daniel Dewar
Keywords: Music, Online Platforms, Rights Clearance, Royalties, Streaming