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Session Name: Driven to Exhaustion: The Future of Digital First Sale
MeetingType: Special Event
Date: 01/16/18
Description: The First Sale doctrine gives a buyer of a copyrighted work the right to dispose of it as she wishes without interference from the publisher. The applicability of First Sale (known as copyright exhaustion outside the U.S.) to digital content has been under several microscopes lately, including Capitol Records v. ReDigi, the Copyright Office’s inquiry into Section 108 of the copyright law (rights for libraries and archives), and several cases in Europe that have established certain exhaustion rights for digital content. Our panelists will consider where the law is headed in this area, and in an era when streaming is overtaking downloads, how much it even matters anymore.
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Speaker(s): James Grimmelmann, Jonathan Band, Richard Mandel
Moderator(s): Christopher Kenneally
Keywords: E-books, First Sale, Internet|Online, Online Platforms, Ownership, Publishing, Resale Royalty, Section 108, Streaming, Television, Terms of Service