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Session Name: Match Game: The Problem of Matching Music Recordings to Compositions
MeetingType: Special Event
Date: 01/16/18
Description: The dramatic growth of streaming has exposed an Achilles’ Heel in the music industry: matching sound recordings to their underlying musical compositions. Music services face challenges in determining which songwriters and music publishers they should pay royalties for the tracks they stream for their users. Accurate linking of sound recordings to compositions has proven problematic: it has led to controversies and lawsuits as well as opportunities for technological solutions. We’ll discover the state of the art in technology as well as industry-level attempts to solve this growing problem.
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Speaker(s): Dae Bogan, John Mancini, Michael Simon
Moderator(s): , Paul Jessop
Keywords: Cloud, Internet|Online, Music, Online Platforms, Royalties, Sound Recordings, Streaming