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Session Name: Strategic Issues in Adopting Guidelines on Unobjectionable Fanworks
MeetingType: Mid-Winter Meeting
Date: 02/03/18
Description: In June 2016, CBS Studios and Paramount Pictures released a series of guidelines setting forth the circumstances under which they will not object to or file legal claims against fan films. The guidelines do not cover sampling or mash-ups, full-length feature films even if offered non-commercially for free, the sale of tickets or digital downloads for consideration, or the depiction of nudity, sexual activity, or
Speaker(s): David Grossman, Kean DeCarlo, Lizbeth Hasse
Moderator(s): , Hannibal Travis
Keywords: Characters, Comics, Fair Use, Licensing, Moral Rights, Parody, Satire, Scope of Protection, Transformativeness, User-Generated Content, Video Games