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Session Name: How Blockchain Technology May Impact Copyright Permissions, Prohibitions and Obligations
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 04/11/18
Description: A cutting edge program on blockchain technology implementation for smart contract and DMCA uses, provenance and authenticity in photography and visual art, royalty management, chain-of-title recordation and fraud reduction in secondary sales. The program also examineS how direct and indirect infringement should be assessed in the world of blockchain, including whether blockchain leaves room for fair use.
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Speaker(s): David Fisher, Edward Klaris, Jeffrey Neuburger
Moderator(s): , Lillian Ruiz
Keywords: Cloud, Content Distribution, Distribution Right, DRM, First Sale, Infringement, Internet Service Providers, Licensing, Music, Online Platforms, Open Sources, Registration, Resale Royalty, Rights Clearance, Royalties, Streaming