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Session Name: Artificial Intelligence and Copyright: The Rise of the Machines
MeetingType: Annual Meeting
Date: 06/10/18
Description: The “authoring” of works in whole or in part by artificial intelligence is not the stuff of some distant science fiction – it’s happening right now. This reality does not fit comfortably, however, with what has traditionally been an anchor of copyright: the requirement of humanauthorship. Does this require rethinking in light of the fact that computer-generated works are likely to become increasingly indistinguishable from human ones? Discussing this important question, which leads naturally to a host of other considerations under copyright law, will be a panel of expert copyright lawyers who are thinking deeply about the issues, along with a distinguished AI entrepreneur and thought leader.
Course Materials
Speaker(s): Annemarie Bridy, Robbie Allen, Robert J. Kasunic
Moderator(s): Carys Craig