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Session Name: Based on a True Story - Demystifying Life Rights and Copyright in the Golden Age of Content
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 08/31/18
Description: Some of the best movies, television shows and video games are “based on a true story.” But when producers feature actual people and real life events on screen, must they — or should they — acquire so-called “life rights”? What about rights to an existing biographical work? Does the analysis change when digital avatars are used instead of live actors? Join the booming Los Angeles chapter of The Copyright Society of the USA for our first meeting of the new season, where our expert panel will untangle the fascinating topic of life rights, including a deep dive into copyright, the right of publicity, and the First Amendment; the recent decision in De Havilland v. FX Networks; and the practicalities of financing, insuring, producing and distributing content featuring real people and events.
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Speaker(s): Clark Peterson, Lisa Callif, Mark Lee
Moderator(s): , Jeremy S. Goldman