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Session Name: A Copyright Séance - Do United States Copyrights Have an Afterlife in Europe
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 11/01/18
Description: All copyrights must eventually perish. And under U.S. law, some older copyrights may have died prematurely, from failure to renew (when renewals were mandatory). But is there any place in the world such "dead" copyrights live on? In some parts of Europe, the surprising answer may be yes! Works can enjoy a protection term for longer than the U.S. term through the application of the Revised Berne Convention or through bilateral copyright treaties, e.g. in force between the U.S. and Germany since 1892. Our speakers from Germany will present the legal doctrine and case law confirming the possible afterlife of U.S. works in Europe. Come hear our internationally renowned speakers from one of Europe’s leading copyright law firms, Boehmert & Boehmert in Berlin, Germany, Dr. Jan Nordemann and Dr. Julian Waiblinger, tell us about areas of international copyright that have a direct impact on copyright in the United States. Also included will be valuable introductory comments on European copyright, including some comparisons on differences between the United States and Europe on topics such as duration of copyright, termination rights, international splitting of rights between copyright owners, and the public domain. In our tradition of welcoming a “real world” perspective on the legal topics, we are honored to welcome one of the legendary literary and film rights representatives in the United States, Joel Gotler, who as CEO of Intellectual Property Group represents leading authors, as well as their estates in publishing and motion picture rights. Mr. Gotler will share his comments and practical perspectives on these important aspects of United States and European copyright law. As always in the Los Angeles Chapter meetings, an informal “around the table” setting over luncheon invites discussion, comment and questions from those attending. Please join us for this unique opportunity to travel the world with copyright courtesy of the LA Chapter of CSUSA.
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Speaker(s): Jan Nordemann, Joel Gotler, Julian Waiblinger