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Session Name: Tech Conference 2019: Keynote Address
MeetingType: Special Event
Date: 01/16/19
Description: In 2002, MPAA president Jack Valenti nailed his complaint to Congress about peer-to-peer piracy of Hollywood films with the observation that “no business model can compete with free.” Copyright has in fact always competed with free–in the form of works that have fallen into the public domain–but never before has it had to do so on a scale magnified by digital technologies and the internet, competing not only with pirated streams and downloads, but expanded conceptions of fair use, and entirely voluntary contributions, such as Wikipedia, Creative Commons and open source operating systems. From a legislative standpoint, the question of free copies has been complicated by the US Congress’s (and the EU’s) virtual silence on the issue over the past 20 years. Can copyright compete with free? These remarks, based on the soon to be published second edition of Paul Goldstein’s Copyright’s Highway: From the Printing Press to the Cloud, offer an answer.
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Speaker(s): Paul Goldstein