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Session Name: Tech Conference 2019: Plenary Presentation -The Open Music Initiative
MeetingType: Special Event
Date: 01/16/19
Description: As data flows even more fluidly, and is used across new methods of media creation and consumption, how will music rights-holder data be tracked, who will own it, and how might an open protocol complement standards and identifiers, and enable creators to better track and monetize the content they create? How is the Music Modernization Act accelerating this new wave of innovation in rights management, and how might open protocols being developed by the Open Music Initiative serve as a convener for creative rights holders with competing interests and differing influence levels toward shared benefits? Open Music is an industry-wide initiative that is developing open protocols for interoperability of music rights information across the supply chain of digital music. Leaders from the Open Music Initiative will share current updates, and explore what learnings related to attribution and rights holder tracking might be applied from orthogonal industries.
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Speaker(s): Hank Shocklee, Michael Lau, Peter Guglielmino, Vickie Nauman