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Session Name: Tech Conference 2019: Content Ownership, Blockchains, and DRM
MeetingType: Special Event
Date: 02/16/19
Description: If you purchase a music file or e-book online, you usually get rights from the retailer’s end user license agreement that are more restricted than for physical books or records. At the same time, startups are building new services that use blockchain technology to emulate content ownership for e-books more closely than traditional downloads. This raises questions: what are the advantages of the ownership features of these blockchain solutions? How well do they emulate physical ownership? And what types of DRM technologies — if any — are necessary to do this? In this session, we’ll hear from both the startups and the skeptics.
Course Materials
Speaker(s): Eric Hellman, Josef Marc, Lance Koonce, Simon-Pierre Marion
Moderator(s): Bill Rosenblatt