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Session Name: Tech Conference 2019: Copyright Office Updates: DMCA and MMA
MeetingType: Special Event
Date: 01/16/19
Description: The U.S. Copyright Office has been involved in several important initiatives related to copyright and technology recently. In October it completed the latest triennial rulemaking on exemptions to the section of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that prohibits circumvention of technological protection measures (such as DRM systems), using the more streamlined and participant-friendly rulemaking process that it adopted last year. Regan Smith, General Counsel and Associate Register of Copyrights, will report on the new process and the results of the latest rulemaking. The Copyright Office has also begun a public process to select an entity to serve as the mechanical licensing collective for licensing mechanical music rights, as well as the digital licensing coordinator, pursuant to the recently-enacted Music Modernization Act a process that will fundamentally change the nature of mechanical licensing for streaming music services. Steve Ruwe, Assistant General Counsel, will provide an update on the selection process and how it will unfold over the next few months.
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Speaker(s): Regan Smith, Steve Ruwe