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Session Name: We Want...a Shrubbery!!! Kelley v. Chicago Park District and Renewed Consideration of Authorship and Fixation Under Copyright Law
MeetingType: Annual Meeting
Date: 06/10/13
Description: Recent developments in art and technology have given us the opportunity to consider the doctrines of authorship and fixation under Copyright law. These issues received perhaps the greatest attention in the Seventh Circuit’s decision in Chapman Kelley v. Chicago Park District , 635 F.3d 290 (7th Cir.), cert denied , 132 S. Ct. 380 (2011), where the Court of Appeals found that Chapman Kelley’s “Wildflower Works” installation, comprised of living plants, did not qualify for copyright protection because it lacked authorship and fixation. The panel will use the Kelley case and other examples to shape a discussion around the challenges of assessing authorship and fixation, and the real-world impact the decisions we make can have upon artists and other creators.
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Speaker(s): Chapman Kelley, June M. Besek, Martin Schaefer, Robert J. Kasunic
Moderator(s): Hillel Parness
Keywords: Art, Authorship, Copyrightability, Fixation, Litigation, Visual Artists Rights Act