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Session Name: Section 115 Negotiation and Agreement: New Rates, Terms, and Digital Music Services
MeetingType: Annual Meeting
Date: 06/12/12
Description: Extensive negotiations regarding rates and terms under Section 115 of the Copyright Act for physical and digital phonorecord deliveries have been ongoing for quite some time. Organizations representing music publishers and songwriters, major record labels, digital music services, and cellular phone companies, including the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) and the Digital Media Association (DiMA), recently reached an agreement proposing mechanical royalty rates and standards, and proposed regulatory language was submitted to the Copyright Royalty Board in April. The agreement also proposes rates and terms for certain new and forthcoming categories of services, which are expected to assist in the development of at least five types of new digital music services, namely, mixed service bundles (e.g., a locker service, limited interactive service, downloads or ringtones combined with a non-music product such as a mobile phone, consumer electronics device or Internet service); paid locker services (subscription-based locker providing on-demand streaming and downloads); purchased content lockers (a free locker functionally provided to a purchaser of a permanent digital download, ringtone or CD where the music provider and locker have an agreement); certain “limited offerings” (subscription-based service offering limited genres of music or specialized playlists); and music bundles Monday, June 1 (bundling music products such as CDs, ringtones and permanent digital downloads). This panel discusses the history of the Section 115 negotiations, terms of the agreement, proposed new rates, and how the parties expect these new rates and terms will enable new digital music business models to flourish.
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Speaker(s): Christos Badavas, Lee Knife, Mark Piibe, Tamara Hrivnak
Moderator(s): Kristen McCallion
Keywords: Internet|Online, Legislation, Music, Royalties